Cabergoline – ZILLT MEDICINE | 25 tab – 0.25 mg / tab


  • Country of origin Germany
  • Release form 25 tablets – 0.25 mg / table
  • Active ingredient: cabergoline


Cabergoline ZILLT MEDICINE | 25 tab – 0.25 mg / tab


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Cabergoline is considered to be the active ingredient of such drugs as Dostinex, Agalates, Bergolac. But the quality and effectiveness of this component is so impressive that it is impossible not to mention it separately. As an active substance, it acts in a quite primitive way: it suppresses the secretion of prolactin. At the moment, it actively acts as a safer analogue of such a substance as bromocriptine.

First of all, the drug helps to eliminate the side effects of some steroids, among which Deca and Trenbolone are the most active.

Application of Cabergoline (Dostinex)

Focusing on reviews on well-known sites related to athletics and bodybuilding, you can establish a certain pattern in the intake and preparation of the course. Naturally, before taking the drug, you must familiarize yourself with the indications for use and contraindications. Such precautions will help determine the need for taking the drug and anticipate the harm that may cause to the body.

Therefore, thanks to the study of various instructions, the following scheme for taking the drug was determined. To lower prolactin in the body using the active ingredient Cabergoline, you must take a whole tablet or half every 7-21 days if you are taking a course of taking progestin anabolic steroids. As is clear, the range of days of admission, which ranges from 7 to 21 days, must be supported individually.It is necessary to navigate in such a selection on the control of analyzes of the level of prolactin in the blood. In this case, the effect of taking the drug is controlled and depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. From this statement, it becomes clear that the drug is taken under the total and timely control of analyzes in order to avoid side effects and undesirable results. In the case of an increase in the level of prolactin in the blood, the frequency increases to 0.25 mg every four days. You can take the drug with food and on an empty stomach, there is no significant difference.

As for side effects, they manifest themselves during an increase in the dosage of the intake. They manifest themselves mainly in the appearance of nausea, constipation and dry mouth from the digestive system. The nervous system fails in such indicators: insomnia, dizziness, and even a distortion of consciousness. But on the part of the respiratory system, shortness of breath manifests itself more often.

It is worth noting that if you adhere to the correct dosage, combine it with monitoring tests and monitoring your own well-being, then you can safely avoid the above side effects. The experience of athletes indicates the presence of depressed mood and lack of appetite. Therefore, it is necessary to take one tablet per week and increase the dosage only when necessary: ​​increased levels of prolactin, which can be detected with regular tests. And then the result will not keep you waiting.


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