Oxandrolone Solo




Oxandrolone Solo course

Oxandrolone promotes protein synthesis in the body, resulting in a positive nitrogen balance. Anavar increases the endurance and strength of athletes, promotes the burning of adipose tissue. It should be noted that athletes practically do not use oxandrolone solo for weight gain. This drug (solo course) is most often used by athletes who have a sufficient amount of muscle mass and want to shape it, anavar helps to strengthen the muscles: it gives firmness and relief to the muscles (which is why it is not advisable to use it for gaining steroid_profile_oxandrolone_anavar muscle mass).

Oxandrolone has an anti-catabolic effect: it protects the muscles from the damaging effects of cortisol, so that the muscles do not lose protein. Also, this drug strengthens bone and cartilage tissue.

It is worth noting that anavar is popular among track and field athletes who do not need to gain mass. It is important for them to increase strength and endurance, while it is important to stay in a certain weight category. Oxandrolone does an excellent job of helping athletes achieve their desired results and set new records.

For this course you will need:

Oxandrolone (Balkan) 11 blisters 220 tabl
Clomed (Balkan) 20 tab.

P.S. The price may vary depending on the manufacturer.


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