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Course using the drug Oxymetholone solo

On this page of our online store of sports pharmacology, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the course of training, which uses the drug Oxymetholone solo. In the picture above you can see the weekly dosage of Oxymetholone itself, as well as auxiliary drugs Proviron and Clomid, which are designed to increase the safety of training using Oxymetholone and prevent side effects from its use.

The effectiveness of the course with the drug Oxymetholone solo

The first thing to say about Oxymetholone is that it has both anabolic and androgenic effects, which is why it can not only build muscle mass, but also increase your strengths, which will also help increase the effectiveness of training.

The active ingredient in Anadrol is Oxymetholone, which means that it has properties for aromatization in the body, which is why the aromatase blocker Proviron is added to it in order to minimize fluid retention in the body and the associated side effects in the form of gynecomastia and the appearance body fat according to the female type.

Oxymetholone is taken several times a day during meals, dividing the daily dosage into equal parts. This is done so that Oxymetholone is better absorbed in the body. The dosage of this drug is often selected individually depending on the weight of the athlete and his current physical data, but as practice shows, dosages of 100 mg per day (2 tablets taken in the morning and evening) are quite enough to get the desired result.

When choosing a course of Oxymetholone solo to increase the effectiveness of your workouts, you should also not forget that this drug affects the suppression of the natural function of testosterone production in the body, so post-cycle therapy with Clomid is a mandatory step for those who buy this steroid.

Based on some feedback from athletes who used Oxymetholone in their workouts, it is worth concluding that this drug also combines quite well with other steroids, but it is best to check with your personal trainer on an individual basis on how best to conduct such experiments.

For this course you will need:

Anapolon (Balkan) 4 blisters (80 tabl)
Clomed (Balkan) 20 tab.
Proviron (Balkan) 4 blisters (80 tabl)

P.S. The price may vary depending on the manufacturer.


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