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Course for mass Sustanon and Turinabol

We present to your attention an excellent Turinabol + Sustanon course, proven in practice by many athletes. Such a successful combination of steroids allows you to be guaranteed to become several times stronger and get a quality increase in muscle mass. Dosages of drugs are intended for amateur athletes, but not pros.


If you are a beginner in sports, if this is your first steroid cycle, then if you take original drugs in medium dosages according to the scheme, you can count on burning excess fat, increasing overall muscle and physical strength without fluid retention, aromatization, and a negative impact on health and with the ability to save the collected results for a long time. Choosing a course for mass Turinabol + Sustanon, each athlete should know that the emphasis in it is still placed on a constant increase in the coefficient of physical strength. In practice, often an athlete in the gym continues to use a small working weight, and his muscles prevail over the indicator of strength. Taking modern powerful steroids in combination really equalize these figures.

Effects of taking

It is very rare today for athletes who want to achieve high professional results to do this without the participation of high-quality sports doping. When purchasing drugs from a trusted manufacturer, the athlete wants to know exactly what the results of taking them together will be. This course will allow any beginner to effectively get rid of excess fat, correct the figure, build enviable muscles that will be dense and tough.Also, the parallel intake of these funds allows you to level the phenomenon of aromatization and minimize water retention in the body, as well as the risk of side effects. If properly taken, the athlete's body will not be harmed. And the result will be not only a presentable relief, an increase in strength, excellent well-being and a willingness to conduct effective workouts, recovering faster after them, but also the ability to maintain the gained muscles.

The course of taking drugs

This course is very popular among beginners and is hardly suitable for pros. Since the doses of steroids are taken in the regimen, designed for an athlete of an average level of training. It is worth talking more about the advantages of each of the steroids.

Sustanon is a drug endowed with a pronounced androgenic activity. He has established himself in sports as a means of quickly gaining muscle in an exceptionally dry form, and also endowing the athlete with physical strength. The steroid demonstrates all this in full on the course in tandem with Turinabol.

Turinabol, in turn, also works to increase the overall muscles, while burning fat well. But Sustanon will be the leader in terms of muscle recruitment. Turinabol is an excellent power steroid, which is able to simultaneously increase the level of endurance of an athlete, helping him not only to conduct high-quality training, but also to quickly restore strength and energy expended during exercise.

The recommended duration of the course is no more than 8 weeks. Oral Turinabol should be taken 3 tablets per day. As for Sustanon, it is better to inject it on the same days of the week, choosing, for example, Monday and Thursday.The dosage is 1 ml for each time. That is, the weekly amount should be 2 ml (for two times in total). After completing the course, according to the reviews of the pros, it is advised to conduct a PCT with the well-known drug Clomid. We start using 1 week after the end of steroids. It is taken 2 tablets a day for 1 week and 1 tablet for the second week.

For this course you will need:

Sustanon (Balkan) 16 ampoules or 2 bottles of 10 ml

Turinabol (Balkan) 2 packs 200 tabl

Clomed (Balkan) 20 tab.

P.S. The price may vary depending on the manufacturer.


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