Tamoxifen – ZILLT MEDICINE | 25 tab – 20 mg / tab


  • Country of origin Germany
  • Release form 25 tablets – 20 mg / table
  • Active ingredient: Tamoxifen Citrate
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Tamoxifen ZILLT MEDICINE | 25 tab – 20 mg / tab


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Tamoxifen is the most effective hormonal drug. The need to take drugs of this kind is explained by the fact that steroid courses cause an imbalance of hormones in the body of an athlete. Basically, steroids contribute to a significant increase in female hormones, while the concentration of the male hormone testosterone, on the contrary, steadily falls. With the help of Tamoxifen, the athlete manages to stabilize the situation.


The main feature of the drug is that it has neither androgenic nor anabolic effects. In sports, it is taken to prevent side effects such as gynecomastia, fluid retention and fatty deposits. The active components of this drug contribute to the resumption of the production of the main male hormone testosterone by the testicles.

Quite often, experts prescribe Tamoxifen for post-course therapy, as it accelerates the stabilization of hormonal levels. In this case, the dosage of administration should not exceed 20 milligrams, and the duration of administration should not exceed 10 days. The fact that you are on the right track will be prompted by a 40% increase in testosterone levels. At the end of the course of taking Tamoxifen, the concentration of testosterone should come to 80% of the norm.

Competent reception of this drug allows the athlete to get such effects from the course as:

  • blocking estrogen receptors
  • Acceleration of the production of gonadotropic hormones directly responsible for the rate of testosterone production,
  • Normalizes the balance of cholesterol by increasing the concentration of lipoproteins.


Tamoxifen is mainly used in post-course therapy. The active components of the drug affect the receptors of female sex hormones, thereby preventing the occurrence of various side effects. Many experts recommend using aromatase inhibitors while taking a steroid course.

It is worth noting that Tamoxifen can also be used in cycles designed to improve muscle quality. For this purpose, it is allowed to combine the drug with any steroids. However, the dosage should not exceed the range of 10-30 milligrams. To achieve maximum effectiveness, experts recommend taking the drug only after removing metabolites from the body. In some cases, it is allowed to take Tamoxifen after a course of therapy in combination with testosterone boosters.


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