Anastrozole – Pharmacom labs | 100 tab – 1 mg / tab


  • Release form 100 tablets – 1 mg / table
  • Active ingredient: Anastrozole


Anastrozole Pharmacom labs | 100 tab – 1 mg / tab


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  • prevention of gynecomastia
  • increase in the level of anabolic hormones in the blood
  • increasing relief (by eliminating the negative effects of estrogen)
  • prevention of hypertension
  • reducing estrogen suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis, leading to faster recovery.

Anastrozole is a drug of high Swiss quality and affordable prices. Of course, with the help of this drug, it is unlikely that it will be possible to increase sports results, but its active components help to minimize, and even completely eliminate side effects. The main objective of this drug is its effectiveness in combating the side effects caused by the aromatization of the steroid. The fact is that during the course, most of the steroids interact with the aromatase enzyme, which in turn is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to estradiol.

Similar processes constantly occur in the body of a man, and are responsible for hormonal balance. However, taking steroids disrupts the hormonal balance and thus dramatically increases the concentration of testosterone. This entails an increase in estrogen levels. And if the drug chosen by the athlete is subject to aromatization, then, naturally, the likelihood of adverse reactions of an estrogenic nature also increases.

It should be noted that Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor and in a short time inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estradiol.It is this property that made the drug especially valuable among athletes.


Since the discovery of the beneficial qualities of the drug in sports, two universal regimens have appeared that allow the athlete to get the maximum result from Anastrozole. Sports fans are advised to use the first regimen, which is taking the drug in prophylactic doses in order to minimize the likelihood of estrogenic side reactions. That is, the dose of admission, starting approximately from the second or third week of taking steroids, should not go beyond 250,500 micrograms per day every two or three days.

Moreover, athletes with experience in taking sports pharmacology drugs, namely, those who do not want to quickly minimize aromatization can safely use the second Anastrozole regimen. In this case, the drug can effectively suppress the symptoms of gynecomastia. However, according to the second scheme, the drug should be taken daily, and the dosage should not go beyond 500-1000 micrograms. It is also worth noting that basically Anastrozole should be taken exclusively in the courses of taking anabolic steroids.


Many athletes try to study real reviews online before taking Anastrozole. At the same time, many experienced bodybuilders note the high effectiveness of the steroid. Literally in 10 days of taking the drug in accordance with the dosage recommended by a specialist, the concentration of estrogen decreases by more than 80 percent.


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