Growth Hormone – Zhongshan | HYGETROPIN 100 IU


  • Country of manufacture China
  • Release form 10 vials – 10 IU / vial
  • Active ingredient Growth hormone


HYGETROPIN 100 IU | Zhongshan Growth Hormone

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HYGETROPIN is a growth hormone. To date, most of the European manufacturers are engaged in the production of this drug. With the help of Samotropin, it is possible to accelerate the growth of cells and organs. It is for this reason that the drug has gained particular popularity, both in traditional medicine and in sports. And yet, until now, Spectrum Pharma is still actively working to improve and improve the properties of this drug. You can buy original HYGETROPIN in our online store at a bargain price.

Feature of Growth Hormone

To date, the drug is used by representatives of those sports for which the accelerated growth of muscle mass is important. But this is not the whole effectiveness of Samotropin. It is worth noting that Zhongshan's drugs are of high quality and effectiveness, and this is confirmed by numerous reviews of athletes with experience in taking this drug. Many men choose this drug because it allows you to increase potency. Summing up the general results, we can conclude that Samotropin allows the athlete to obtain such results as:

  • Normalization of metabolic processes,
  • Acceleration of the processes of splitting fat accumulations,
  • Accelerates growth processes
  • The processes of collagen production are resumed,
  • Increasing the concentration of glycogen in liver cells,
  • Regeneration processes are accelerated,
  • Stimulates sexual activity in men
  • Strengthens joints and ligaments
  • Accelerates muscle growth
  • The volume of the thymus gland increases.

The nuances of the use of growth hormone

Most athletes prefer to use this drug in solo courses. Much less often in combination with steroids with androgenic and anabolic activity. Specialists, athletes who want to accelerate the growth of muscle mass, recommend taking the drug at a dosage of 5 IU / day starting from the first week of the course. If after the first week the athlete does not notice the occurrence of side effects, then it is allowed to increase the dose to 10 U / day, but in this case it is better to divide the dose into two stages per day. Athletes with experience in taking sports pharmacology drugs note that it is advisable to divide the dose of the drug into morning and evening intake, but on the day of training it is more efficient to administer the drug immediately after the training process.

Usually the duration of the course should not exceed 2-6 months, and the specialist prescribes the duration, taking into account the tasks and goals set by the athlete.


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