Stanozolol – Balkan Pharmaceuticals | 100 tab – 10 mg / tab


  • Country of origin Moldova
  • Release form 100 tabs – 10 mg/tab
  • Active ingredient Stanozolol
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Strombafort | 100 tab – 10 mg / tab | Stanozolol Balkan Pharmaceuticals


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Characteristics of Stanozolol

  • Anabolic Effect 320% of Testosterone
  • Androgenic effect 30% Testosterone
  • Improving the relief of the gained mass,
  • Increasing indicators of physical fitness,
  • increased appetite,
  • Relatively rapid removal of fluid from the body,
  • The presence of antiestrogenic properties,
  • Getting rid of body fat
  • Complete lack of conversion to estrogen.

Stanozolol Balkan is a drug from a well-known pharmaceutical company from Moldova. In sports, it is used to increase strength potential, as well as to conduct strong drying courses. In the GenLine store, athletes can buy Strombafort profitably.

Description of Strombafort

The active component of this steroid is Stanozolol. This substance was synthesized in the middle of the last century and was first used in traditional medicine. During clinical trials, the drug was found to have a strong fat-burning activity. In addition, it has been proven that Strombafort contributes to an increase in strength and endurance. In fact, it is a universal steroid that can be used by representatives of all sports disciplines.

Stanozolol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. However, while working on this substance, scientists made some changes to its molecular structure. The indices of these types of activity are 320 and 30 percent, respectively. As a result, Strombafort turned out to be a powerful anabolic and a weak androgen, unlike the original hormone.

The effect of taking Strombafort

Let's highlight some of the most important positive effects from taking Strombafort:

  • The relief and venousness of the muscles improves.
  • Increased power potential.
  • Increases endurance and performance.
  • It has strong fat burning properties.
  • It is a powerful anti-catabolic.

In addition, on the course of Strombafort, fluid is actively excreted from the body. Thanks to this, the muscles become more prominent.

Solo course of Strombafort

The recommended daily dosage is 20-60 mg. Note that this drug can be used by women to improve athletic performance. For them, the maximum daily dose is limited to 20 mg. In a similar amount, this drug should be used by athletes who only need to increase endurance.

The duration of the course with the participation of anabolic is 1.5-2 months. Although it is a safe drug, PCT should be performed after its withdrawal. For this, athletes use Tamoxifen or Clomiphene Citrate. On the Internet, there is often an opinion that after completing Strombafort, you can do without restorative therapy. We do not recommend doing so. In order for the body to recover as soon as possible, it needs help from the athlete.

How to use Strombafort

For athletes with a low level of training, it is quite enough to use this AAS solo. This is a very effective drug that can significantly increase athletic performance. However, at some point, the effectiveness of the courses will begin to fall. In such a situation, we strongly do not recommend starting to increase dosages. The optimal way out here is the combined method of using Strombafort.

Due to the presence of hepatotoxicity, Stanase cannot be combined with other AAS tablets. At the same time, they are perfectly combined with any injectable preparations. Given the characteristics of Stanozolol, it is better to use it in combination with drugs that have strong fat burning activity. Among them, it is worth highlighting Trenbolone Acetate, Drostanolone, Primobolan. short Testosterone.

Profitable Strombafort buy in Ukraine

You can order Stanozolol Balkan as profitably as possible in our sports pharmacology store. We sell a wide range of drugs for sports. Steroids, fat burners, growth hormones, etc. are always available at GenLine. We are sure that you will like our prices. If you have not yet decided where to buy Strombafort in Ukraine, then visit our online trading platform.


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