Trenbolone Mix – Swiss Remedies | 10 ampoules / ml – 200 mg / ml


  • Country of origin Switzerland
  • Release form 10 ampoules – 200 mg/ml
  • Active ingredient Mix of 3 trenbolones
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TRI-TRENBOLONE | 10 ampoules / ml – 200 mg / ml | Swiss Remedies


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  • The drug has a very high anabolic activity.
  • Aromatization (conversion to estrogen): absent. Hmm, perhaps that is why it has gained such weighty popularity, because it is not able to aromatize into estrogens under the influence of aromatization. Those. By this I want to say that such side effects as: gynecomastia, fluid accumulation are absent.
  • Toxic effect on the kidneys: none
  • Hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity): not proven in moderate doses.
  • Method of use: injection
  • Effect of the drug: depends on the ester (acetate: 1-2 days, enanthate 8 days, parabolan 10 days).
  • Recommended dosages: depends on the ester (acetate 50 mg if daily, 100 mg if every other day, enanthate and parabolan 300 mg per week).
  • Drug detection time: up to 5 months.

Sufficiently powerful anabolic activity of the steroid is used primarily to gain muscle mass. The main component of the drug is a mixture consisting of 3 esters with both fast and prolonged effects. Thus, the drug has a powerful, prolonged and uniform effect on the athlete's body, thereby ensuring maximum effectiveness from the course.


The three esters of trenbolone acetate, hexahydrobinzylcarbonate and enanthate, which are part of the steroid, affect the athlete's body from 1 to 16 days from the moment of injection. Due to the fact that the components are constantly connected to work, there is no need for frequent injections, in comparison with individual esters, which must be given every other day or every day.

Despite the progestin activity, this steroid does not undergo aromatization and does not contribute to fluid retention, which explains its demand for courses designed to improve muscle quality and growth.

However, the effectiveness of the drug is not limited to this, with proper use, the steroid also allows you to get rid of body fat, increases endurance, physical fitness indicators, increases sexual desire and increases appetite. Moreover, during the course, the drug reduces the level of cortisol, and also stimulates the synthesis of growth hormones and IGF-1 by almost 200%.


Given the high power of the drug, it is highly not recommended for women. The fact is that even with a small dosage, the drug in women can cause a number of side effects that will block all the positive effects of the course. Mostly women who take this steroid note virilization, coarsening of the voice, acne and increased aggressiveness.

It is worth noting that, on average, the dosage range should not go beyond 200-400 mg in 7 days. Given the sufficiently long period of action of the drug, there is no need for frequent injections. Basically, it is better to inject at least twice a week.

Athletes with experience in taking this drug note its high efficiency, both solo and in combined courses with other sports pharmacology drugs.


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